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LG Wing is reality: the T-shaped smartphone will arrive by the end of 2020 at an attractive price

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T Shaped Lg
T Shaped Lg

LG “Wing” had already appeared in May with the first renders of the possible T-shaped design thanks to a second rotatable display, very similar to the phone seen in the 2008 Iron Man movie. Despite its strangeness, the Korean house would already ready to launch it on the market by the end of 2020 and the first official videos are already online.

Directly from the YouTube channel of Android Authority there comes a clip in which a LG Wing is used during a car trip: Google Maps appears on the main vertical screen, while a music player is active on the second side display attached to the dock. In another clip instead LG Wing is used to play a racing game: in the main display the user drives the car and observes the interface, while in the secondary display there appears to be an in-game map.

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Apparently bulky, LG Wing may actually be one of the best devices for those who often rely on multitasking for carry out multiple activities at the same time. Many have pointed out that this smartphone offers many possibilities both for casual users and for those who, for example, develop apps and video games.


But along with these videos, interesting data about the price and technical specifications have also leaked online: second ETNews the processor will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series with 5G support (therefore the candidates are the 765, 765G and 768G models), accompanied by a triple camera of which the primary one is 64 MP. The displays instead will be 6.8 inches for the main one, and 4 inches for the secondary. At the moment the tipster in the industry believe that LG Wing can to arrive in the United States around autumn 2020 for the price of 1000 dollars, but South Korean sources spoke of figures around $ 1,607.

We just have to wait for the confirmation of the case to understand if LG Wing can propose itself as one of the many innovative devices of 2020. The competition of folding smartphones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 coming soon to the market, is already ruthless and try to grabbing a chunk of buyers with similar phones is a gamble that needs to be watched.

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