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LG presents an impressive EX OLED TV that “vibrates” to produce 5.1 sound

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LG has announced a new television that it promotes as the largest OLED on the planet, but that stands out for offering a unique feature: 5.1 multi-channel sound without the need for built-in or external speakers.

LG is exhibiting at the K-Display 2022 fair that is being held in South Korea a television that has made an impression on locals and strangers. It is a new model with an OLED EX panel that, with its 97 inches diagonal is sold as “the largest OLED on the planet”.

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OLED EX technology combines compounds of deuterium and custom algorithms to improve the stability and efficiency of the organic light-emitting diode, thus improving the overall performance of the screen and especially the brightness levels that can be increased by up to 30% compared to existing OLED panels.

In addition to the improved brightness levels, the use of EX technology also supposedly allows the screen to achieve “perfect black” and vivid colors, something these panels excel at. LG Display has also updated its designs using this technology, reducing the thickness of the bezel from the original 6mm OLED to 4mm.


Although the massive size, 8K resolution and image quality are already outstanding, the panel’s most notable innovation is its use of technology. Film CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED). Turn the entire panel into a giant speaker using a driver on the back to vibrate the screen, creating audio without the need for built-in or external speakers like sound bars.

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LG says that this system can output sound equivalent to 5.1 channel multichannel audio, achieving immersive cinematic-level performance. Quite a bold statement considering its design, although it has already been tried by others such as the Sony Bravia AG9 with decent results and LG itself with an earlier gaming model. But none like this LG OLED EX, which will also be marketed in two smaller 48- and 42-inch models.

Another type of product of interest shown at the fair was the line of LG transparent OLED panels They look like something out of science fiction movies. These panels will be used in the future to display advertising and art segments.

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These screens look like standard OLED panels when in use, but turn transparent when turned off. They emit less heat than LED panels, making them ideal for wall mounting, for example.

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