LG is gaining strength to supply Apple with OLED screens for…

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The next iPad models are in the orbit of LG as a manufacturer of OLED screens. According to ETNews, LG Display is preparing to supply those in Cupertino with OLED panels. Which iPad models will have OLED next?

LG with good plans to offer Apple

LG has a lot of work to do other than its plans to supply OLED screens to Apple preparing for a plant expansion. The increase in production capacity will take into account both iPad and next-generation iPhone models.

It is an excellent opportunity for LG to have a consolidation as a manufacturer of OLED panels. We know that competition like Samsung is very powerful and Apple could give a new meaning to history. The size and aspect ratio on the device screen is very good that prevents other rival providers from being able to provide it.

The iPad could release OLED next year but the start of mass production for LG will not start until 2024. We will see if this is precisely the year of change for the iPad with OLED. Let us remember that LG has not had a very good time in recent times. They have stopped their production of LCD panels for the iPhone added to the closure of their division dedicated to smartphones.

LG’s business has had to restructure itself towards OLED panels and one of its goals is to expand its production capacity. Once the plant located in Paju, South Korea, meets the necessary conditions, LG will be able to manufacture twice as many OLED panels by 2024.

The iPad has a promising horizon

Currently, the iPad Pro screen is miniLED. It offers deeper black colors and is visually appealing. We know that the OLED is one of the most delicate panels but also used in a good number of mobile devices. It may be attractive to see it on the iPad, but what is not clear is seeing it in two ranges at the same time. We know that Apple is already drawing the line in terms of segments.

The first iPad that could receive OLED is the Pro model. We even dare to predict that it could be in the largest model (12.9 inches). Will it end up happening? For now, tell us below, what would you think of an iPad Pro with OLED?