Let the iPad Pro tremble: we analyze the Lenovo Tab Extreme, the best Android tablet we have tested

let the ipad pro tremble we analyze the lenovo tab.jpg
let the ipad pro tremble we analyze the lenovo tab.jpg

We say that the conclusion is double because inertia makes us want to recommend it despite that. Lenovo has taken so much care in the design and creation of this tablet that it seems that They have gone point by point solving possible problems before buyers complained. Backlit keyboard, two charging stations, possibility of using it as an external screen, two positions to put the pencil, trackpad on the keyboard, great build quality, good interface, acceptable updates… And on top of that, the two main accessories come in the box .

It has left us a great feeling. Very good. So much so that it will become the reference by which we will judge all the tablets in this category that we test from now on.

Processor and memory


Rear camera

Front camera




Dimensions and weight


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