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Let no one know when you use your WhatsApp: how to avoid “Writing” and hide “Online”

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WhatsApp conversations not only show everything you want to write, but also convey information that you may not want to communicate. That you don’t want anyone to see when you type or the last time you opened the app? Let’s see how you can use your WhatsApp as if you were a ninja.

That WhatsApp has become almost a religion is beyond any doubt, not in vain it seems that the world falls whenever the company’s servers stop working for a few hours. And of course, that everyone is in the application means that their eyes can be on your account to know whether or not you are using the phone. WhatsApp allows you to hide the “online”, although that means that you will not see the last hour of the rest. Do you want to use the application without being told when you use it? There are various ways.

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Hide in WhatsApp without stopping seeing the rest


There are many ways to hide on WhatsApp so that no one sees the last time you appeared on the application, but our recommendation is that activate the setting that the app itself already offers: “Time of last time”, in “Settings/Account/Privacy”.

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If you want to avoid the inconvenience of losing the last time of the rest of your contacts and, incidentally, prevent them from seeing the “Writing” message every time you type something in a WhatsApp conversation, there are several simple tricks that will help you.

Reply from notifications

whatsapp ninja mode
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Responding from notifications prevents you from being seen online and “Typing”

It is the most recommended since in this way no one will see what you are typing and, on top of that, you will not modify the time of your last connection. Simply, do not dismiss WhatsApp notifications and save them in case you have to respond silently to a specific message.

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Notifications are really useful if you have few chats, but they can become chaotic if your WhatsApp conversations are very busy. Our advice is to mute the chats that you are not very interested in, especially the groups. A) Yes notifications will be reduced to the conversations that really matter to you.

Send messages with Google Assistant

whatsapp ninja mode

Google Assistant is perfect for leaving as little trace as possible

One trick to avoid “Typing” and “Online” is to rely on Google Assistant. With tell “Send a WhatsApp message to…“, and add the name of the contact, Assistant will ask you the content of the message and send it in ninja mode. Leaves no trace other than the message itselfbut you need to know for sure what you’re responding to.

That you want to read messages and respond with Google Assistant to maintain as much anonymity as possible? Aside from keeping an eye on notifications, you can pin the WhatsApp widget to your Android desktop. A) Yes you will read the messages silently and you will know the context before responding with Google Assistant.

Avoid “Writing” in two different ways

whatsapp ninja mode

That you only care that someone sees the notice that you are writing? This often creates too many expectations, especially when, after half a minute, you blurt out a simple “Ok”. To avoid this you can do the following:

  • put on airplane mode. Since your phone won’t be connected, you can write as many messages as you want while airplane mode is on. When you want to send them, remove this mode and that’s it. Be careful: WhatsApp will communicate the time you wrote the messages, even if you were offline.
  • Type in another app and paste the text. Are you going to send a paragraph and you don’t want the other person to wait half an hour while they see the “Writing” in their application? A good way around this is to annotate the text in another app, like Google Keep. Extend as much as you want, correct the text, copy and paste it into the WhatsApp conversation.

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