Lenovo shows off its rollable phone concept, and it’s impressive

Of the different products that lenovo showed during its Lenovo Tech World presentation, one of the most striking was Motorola’s rollable smartphone. Of course, the company has clarified from the beginning that it is a device that is in an early conceptual phase, but now we are certain that progress is being made in the manufacture of this class of phones.

This is a product that belongs to Motorola’s internal innovation group, which is called 312 Labs. This group covers more technologies, although now they have as one of their main objectives to solve the weak points of folding phones. From Motorola, they confess that the Flexible OLED technology could offer the “optimal balance of content and comfort”. Your new smartphone would provide three ways calls extended and compact.

Motorola’s new rollable screen phone is impressive

The most manageable mode of this series could end up having a size of four inches, and extended could reach 6.5 inches. But this technology is not entirely new, since we could see it previously in a series that did not reach the market. We are talking about the LG Rollable terminal, which was prepared for retail sale and was only sold to employees before LG decided to leave the mobile phone sector.

A few weeks ago this new phone could be seen in operation, which showed how interesting it is. But the idea remains the same, although there are some differences between companies.

And it is that Lenovo preferred a screen that extended vertically, giving users greater wearing comfort, so rollable OLED technology promises. Another important fact is that this phone can be expanded and retracted with the use of a physical button. It is a very innovative technology and could have enough potential to overthrow current folding phones.

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Regarding the possible launch date of this product, there is still a long way to go before we can see it in action. At the moment it is only a concept presented at the fair, and Lenovo has made it clear that this prototype still has a long way to go before it becomes a consumer product.

So most likely we will have to wait for the IFA 2023to be held in Berlin in the first week of September, or even at CES 2024 for more details on Lenovo and Motorola’s first rollable screen phone.