Lenovo P11 Pro Gen.2 review: It has it all, at the right price

lenovo p11 pro gen.2 review: it has it all, at
lenovo p11 pro gen.2 review: it has it all, at

The world of Android Tablets has always suffered from the rivalry with Apple. For years iPad has been synonymous with tablet and still today for many there is only the tablet of the apple when it comes to tablets in general. The credit certainly goes to Apple but also to Google which has not brought clarity and concreteness to the Android tablet segment due to very important software changes, few clear ideas and an OS that has never stood out for the quality and quantity of applications.

Over time, however, the medium or low-end tablet market has survived and indeed has begun to expand with certainly not negligible numbers. Since there is no modern and affordable Apple tablet, for many the obvious choice is to choose the green robot ecosystem. However, there are not many excellent solutions, above all able to offer guarantees of updates, assistance and hardware that are up to par. However, the second generation Lenovo P11 Pro is an exception and is one of the most successful products, tested in recent years, in this market segment.


What I liked is definitely the hardware. It doesn’t have any particularity that stands out or unique characteristics but manages to have everything in the right place. First of all, the screen is OLED at 120Hz HDR10+, not obvious if we also look at the price at which it has been offered for a couple of months now (€349). Memory is 8/256GB and it is even expandable via MicroSD. There USB Type-C is also has video output and allows it to be used in desktop mode with second monitor and also as a second wireless monitor with some Lenovo PCs.

The audio speakers are 4 and have excellent quality, as well as being positioned on the short side of the product (for horizontal use); in the package is included (not in all, be careful when purchasing, € 59 in the price list) also the Lenovo Precision Pen 3 for writing, taking notes or drawing.

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P11 Pro also supports external keyboard with cover sold separately and of course external mice; Lenovo guarantees 2 major updates and 3 years of security patches.

The shortcomings are few: I could mention the absence of the audio jack, superfluous for many but on a Tablet I still consider it useful and the rear camera only sufficient and not suitable for holiday shots around with the tablet (I swear I have seen several times people take pictures on vacation with the tablet, ed).

Finally, the processor, MediaTek Kompanio 1300T, a solution specially designed for tablets that is based on the excellent Dimensity 1200 that we have seen on several well-known smartphones. Therefore, in general, there is not much to say about this product if we consider the price at which it is positioned online today through the Lenovo, Euronics, Mediaworld and, in general, on the main Italian consumer electronics brands.


  • SoC: MediaTek Kompanio 1300T;
  • GPU: Mali-G77 MC9;
  • Display: OLED 11.2″ 16:10, 2.5K 1.536 X 2.560, HDR10+, refresh rate up to 120Hz, 240ppi, 600 nits;
  • Ram: 8GB LPDDR4X;
  • Internal memory: 256GB UFS 3.1, expandable via SdCard;
  • Connectivity: WiFi6, BT 5.1, GPS, GLONASS;
  • Cameras: 13MP f/2.4, 8MP front (no optical stabilizer for both);
  • Battery: 8,000mAh;
  • Operating system: Android 12;
  • Other: usb Type C 3.1, gyroscope, brightness sensor;
  • Audio: 4 speakers;
  • Other: no nfc, no audio jack;
  • Charging: 20watt, no wireless/no reverse;
  • Dimensions: 263.7×166.7×6.8mm;
  • Weight: 480 grams.


Obviously everything can be there but if in practice the daily experience is not very satisfying, the effort is in vain. Fortunately P11 Pro Gen.2 is a tablet with good performance that does not stand out for its general speed but which is still used well. In my opinion, versatility is the trump card of the software studied by Lenovo.

On the one hand we have the classic Android tablet with slim, clean and almost stock software: a few additions but which are useful for improving multimedia management via a dedicated hub with all the various aggregated software for video, music, games and streaming (Widevine L1 of course) . On the other we have a machine capable of turn into a workable excellent product.

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Whether or not you use the keyboard and pen, which can also be purchased separately depending on the bundle, it doesn’t matter. With a tap on the dedicated toggle in the drop-down menu, you switch from the classic mode to the operational one. A UI that is therefore completely transformed, allowing not only to take advantage of all the installed software but to manage windows freely as if we were on Windows or Mac OS. For those familiar with the tablet segment, this is a DeX mode made by Lenovo and not common in this price range.

The whole thing is appreciable with an external keyboard or mouse and is even more flexible thanks to the USB Type-C 3.0 with video output that allows you to take advantage of external monitors and thus make this P11 Pro a small PC for simple but useful tasks in the workplace.

The front camera is also of good quality and additional options are available to blur the background in all the main video call applications (native option of the Tablet and therefore better than those of the various third-party software).

Everything moves well, the RAM helps keep programs open even if in general we are not in front of the most fluid tablet seen. 120Hz for smooth but noticeable animations, with some stuttering or small frame drops; nothing serious but good to report.

The Precision Pen 3 is also well thought out. It attaches magnetically to the back of the tablet and is recharged by induction. It doesn’t have a lock, you could “lose” it in your backpack without a case but it is still solid enough to stay attached if you use P11 Pro Gen.2 in the office without carrying it in special pockets. There are no software features but there is still a dedicated menu that can be easily recalled and a couple of note programs. Obviously I support OneNote from Microsoft and any other drawing or writing program since the pen can be used, throughout the UI, exactly like a finger.

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Since I started using it, 3 updates have arrived and the january patches; for now the support seems to be correct even if it is based on Android 12 (justifiable since it came out in 2022).

I won’t dwell on the rear camera: it’s there, it does its job but it’s only used to perform those tasks for which a camera is needed, nothing more. On the other hand, the vibration and the autonomy are good, which allows two days of average use without problems. Also noteworthy is the complete connectivity, with GPS in all variants and the 5G option available at a higher cost.



Lenovo P11 Pro Gen.2 proved to be a pleasant tablet aesthetically, well built and with a simple but not dull design. The hardware is complete, the software very flexible and obviously it also supports different profiles to be used by several people in the same family. If I had to define it with just one term, I would say multifaceted.

The price for the version without accessories is absolutely in line with expectations and with the current market. €349 is a figure that, today, I consider more than correct, to which should be added any approximately €59 for the Precision Pen 3.



Price of Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen) Zab50043se Storm Grey