Lenovo gives its IdeaPad laptops a facelift, which are now more powerful

The company Lenovo, by surprise, has announced the update of its IdeaPad laptops, which is intended for the large consumer. Something curious is that, on this occasion, it has not waited for the CES fair, which has been common for a long time in the Asian company. The fact is that the new generation of these computers is a reality.

Two are the models that stand out above the rest: IdeaPad 5 and IdeaPad 5 Slim. Both models, with operating system Windows 11increase their benefits, to be much more productive with them.

So are Lenovo’s new multipurpose laptops

The first, designed to be a solution for all kinds of needs, come in two models: IdeaPad 5i and IdeaPad Pro 5 Gen 8. They have screens ranging from 14 to 16 inches (where there are Full HD options up to QHD + with Dynamic Display Switch which allows them to reach 120Hz). One of the big differences between both options is its processor. The first includes a intelcore while the second integrates a AMD Ryzen -without determining the specific CPU in both cases-. An interesting fact, the largest screen model includes a dedicated graphics card from Nvidia-.


With aluminum chassis throughout the range, internal storage drives are ssd and in RAM there will be several options, ranging from 8 to 16GB. It is necessary to highlight some details that are important in these teams, such as the inclusion of WiFi 6 to access the Internet and that its IR webcam offers Full HD resolution. Prices have not been provided, but the most powerful models, which include a 16-inch screen and 16GB of RAM, will easily exceed 1,400 euros.

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The Slim version of the IdeaPad that has been announced

It also consists of two different computers, the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5i and the IdeaPad Slim 5 Gen 8. With identical screen sizes to the aforementioned, there is an improvement here that is the inclusion of panels OLED to ensure a higher image quality (with the available resolutions being Full HD or 2.5K). Among the improvements that exist with respect to the previous generation are the use of a larger touch panel and the possibility of accessing processors of Intel or AMD.

the two models will reach the European markets, so there will be different options to choose from taking into account that the weight of both Lenovo teams is especially low. Available in various colors, the 14-inch versions with an AMD processor can be obtained from €650, while if the choice is for a larger panel, the cost increases to €750.