Lenovo brings the notebook inspired by Ducati design to Italy: starting from 999 Euros

Brian Adam

Lenovo brings the notebook inspired by Ducati design to Italy: starting from 999 Euros

Lenovo announces the availability on the Italian market of the exclusive Lenovo Ducati 5 notebook PC, presented last January at CES 2020.

Born from the passion that Lenovo shares with Ducati for maximum performance combined with the most advanced technology and a design that enhances the personality of the product, Lenovo Ducati 5 is based on Intel Core i5 processors up to the tenth generation, with a 14 “full HD display with ultra-thin frames and Dolby Audio ™ speakers facing upwards for an immersive audiovisual experience.


Each of the elements chosen to make Lenovo Ducati 5 such as materials, finishes, colours he had to overcome very stringent criteria to respect the balanced design that is part of the Ducati essence. It is an exclusive notebook PC, made to measure and available in a limited edition of only 12,000 units worldwide, made for Ducati’s biggest fans. Starting with the chassis, the details of Lenovo Ducati 5 have been integrated into this special edition with the same care and precision that Ducati engineers use when making their most exclusive products.

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting ways to travel and Ducati’s bikes offer countless design ideas. The colours chosen for the notebook were inspired by the livery of the Panigale V4 R, while the visible trellis frame of the Ducati Monster inspired the frames of the lower air intake of this exclusive notebook

The Sport Ducati exhausts have a hexagonal honeycomb section, which has been replicated on Lenovo Ducati 5. Enthusiasts will also notice the stitching of the case which reproduces the detail of Ducati saddles.

The Lenovo Ducati 5 design It also takes up the unconventional way in which Ducati makes use of the empty spaces allowing the metallic grey materials to emerge.

To complete the customization, and to not leave any detail to chance, the characters used to mark the serial numbers under the lower covers of the laptops and on the commemorative cards are the same that Ducati uses to mark the components of the collector’s editions of their motorcycles. Fans will not fail to notice the BIOS boot sound, similar to the rumble of the MotoGP bikes on the circuit, and the Ducati Corse logo in the centre of the start screen.

Attention to detail also comes to the definition of packaging; the package has a luxurious look with the Ducati Corse logo on the chameleon silver-coloured lid and the red bottom. When the laptop is removed from the box for the first time, it feels like when you take delivery of the first Ducati, and also the external packaging, the one in which the PC is shipped, is personalized with a red handle and the Ducati Corse logo outside, characterizing the product from the moment it is delivered.

Thanks to its elegant lines, Lenovo Ducati 5 is the perfect companion for those who live their passion for motorcycles in the round. With a thickness of 16.9 mm and a weight of only 1.58 kg, the performance and design are combined with maximum portability. Whether it’s for work, gaming, video editing, or just relaxing with a good video, this laptop is always at ease, without ever losing sight of privacy. Thanks to the biometric fingerprint reader integrated in the power button, access to your files is always safe and much faster than typing a password; in addition, the webcam is protected from prying eyes thanks to the mechanical shutter that obscures it when we prefer not to be disturbed.

The shared passion for performance and design has guided product development with the aim of bringing to the public the union of the values ​​that Lenovo and Ducati represent, creating an emotional connection between the two brands. There are enthusiasts who appreciate the performance of racing bikes as much as those of their personal devices and want to show their attachment to Ducati both on the track and in everyday life. For this notebook, we were inspired by the same passion that drives Ducati design, considering all the details, so as to give fans a PC that they can love as much as their bike.

Lenovo Ducati 5 is now available in Italy starting from € 999.00 Lenovo.com/it and Amazon.it.