Lenovo announces new Xiaoxin all-in-one filter for laptops

Lenovo announces new Xiaoxin all-in-one filter for laptops

Lenovo has announced that it will launch a new product under the Xiaoxin brand. It will be a multifunctional docking station, which so far has been called Xiaoxin 5 in 1 D1, which is designed for laptops. With it, you can leverage your laptop to offer options similar to a desktop, making it possible to connecting monitors, LAN, routers, printers and other devices.

The monitor’s connections are routed to the back of the laptop’s dock, which provides more surface space and a larger work area. Lenovo Xiaoxin 5-in-1 Multi-function Docking Station D1 is equipped with five inputs, of which three are USB 3.2 Gen 1. There’s also a 100W Power Delivery (PD) Type-C and an HDMI 4K 30Hz🇧🇷 The new filter also features an interface status indicator. With it, it is possible to know which inputs are already occupied by means of light indicators.

In the promotional image above, it is possible to see that the station will be sold in two color options: silver and gray. Both come with a minimalist design in a rectangular shape, with rounded edges at one end and a flat curved edge at the other. For those excited about the launch, prices and launch forecast have not yet been announced.

And you, do you already have a device similar to Lenovo’s new release at home? Leave your comment below!

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