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Leets, to discover new songs by new artists :Spotify

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If we always go to Spotify to listen to our favorite list, we will have few opportunities to discover new talent.

There are many bands that make up true wonders, but standing out on Spotify is really hard, just like it is on Deezer, Youtube Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and more.

That’s why Leets’ proposal catches my attention, a website where anyone can become a talent scout by sending Spotify links to their discoveries.

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Leets is a website where everyone can share their discoveries of emerging music and help small artists to grow. Leets users are called hunters, and they can create a profile and showcase their musical discoveries, proving that they were the first to believe in an artist.

The result is a selection of the best new emerging music, where every day we can find new hits to include in our playlists.

A song can only be hunted by one user, so if we discover a diamond in the rough, we’ll have to hurry before someone else uploads it (I’ve already done my part with this delight).

Leets also aims to promote emerging artists. In fact, you can only upload songs from artists who have less than 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. In this way they want to give visibility to those artists who are talented but still do not have the following they deserve.

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On their website they have a widget with a list of some of the daily discoveries, to make work easier.

different music

A great idea to listen to something different.

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