Leaving your phone charger plugged in all the time isn’t going to ruin you, but you shouldn’t do it for these reasons.

leaving your phone charger plugged in all the time isnt.jpg
leaving your phone charger plugged in all the time isnt.jpg

Mobile charger plugged into power

We use our cell phones all the time, but the batteries are getting better and the autonomy is capable of reaching the end of the day without any problem. That’s why we usually charge our phone at night while we sleep and don’t do it again until the next day. But, It is a bad idea to leave the charger plugged in and it can consume a lot of money every day.?

You may have been worried if you leave the phone charger plugged into the power in case it will consume too much even if the phone is not charging at that moment. Is it a problem to leave it on and is it going to cause the bill to increase a lot month to month? We see it.

Consumption of an unused charger

As we have said, we usually charge our mobile at night and disconnect the phone in the morning when we get up but normally we leave the charger connected to the power. The first thing we must keep in mind is that when we charge the mobile phone at night, the battery is not being recharged all night, but currently both the smartphone and the charger are intelligent and allow charging to stop when the mobile phone has already arrived. to its end, preventing the battery from degrading as it did before.

But once we unplug it, how much does it cost? The first thing will depend on the charger itself but depending on They collect from FACUA Phantom consumption is minimal when it is plugged into the power without a mobile phone or any other device (tablet, headphones, smart watch…) connected. How much would you spend? According to consumption data collected, a charger connected to the power without a mobile phone plugged in would have an average consumption of about 0.0002 kWh, so the result after one year of having it on all day (about 16 hours in total not counting those when the mobile phone is plugged in) would be a phantom consumption of 1,168 kWh every twelve months. It would practically not amount to more than a few cents a year.

Therefore, if what worries you is phantom consumption, there are other devices that consume much more and the charger should not be a concern on the bill.

Other dangers

But the fact that you are not going to have to pay even one euro more a year to leave it plugged in is not the only problem we find here and there are some reasons why you should not leave it connected. The first and main thing is that it can represent a serious risk of overheating and increasing the risk of fire. Something that becomes even more dangerous when the charger is next to the bed and is in contact with sheets or blankets or pillows because we can have a problem due to these cables.

It can also be a danger to people around us or to animals that live with us. The fact that there are cables hanging and connected to the current is a risk for children or pets because it can cause all kinds of injuries to the little ones, it can cause them to get tangled in them, pull the charger…

And, less important or less harmful but also to take into account, The charger may break down over time. by always remaining folded or rotated. Although it is much less serious than the above, but you should also take it into account.

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