Learn without paying: up to 15 Google courses with certificate are totally free


If you want to continue training, without paying a single euro, one of the advantages of Google is that it offers totally free certificate courses. In its catalog you can find more than 50 online courses, however, not all of them include a free certificate. In any case, they may interest you, since you can learn without leaving home.


From Google’s training website, ‘Grow with Google‘, you will have access to a wide repertoire of courses, manuals, products and tools. Although, what interests us now is to know all the online courses with a certificate at no cost, that is, they are completely free.

Courses with Google certificate

Google offers different online courses with certificates totally free to users. In fact, they can last from 1 to 3 hours or even, from 10 to 40 hours. Therefore, the options you can find are very varied. Just like there are different topics to learn. It will all depend on what you are looking for.

Therefore, these are all the Google online courses that have certificate at no cost:

  • Google Cloud Course Library.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Electronic commerce.
  • Digital skills.
  • Mobile app development course.
  • Introduction course to Web Development: HTML and CSS. It is divided in two parts.
  • Google Ads Courses.
  • Google Analytics Courses.
  • Google Marketing Platform Courses.
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals.
  • Improve your company’s online security.
  • Personal productivity.
  • Protect your business: Cybersecurity in teleworking.
  • Digital transformation for employment.




Within this website you can find different disciplines, both those related to digital marketing as well as for professional development or to improve your businesses. In any case, each of these may have different difficulties and the number of hours. But, in each of these, when it comes to getting the certificate, you will not have to pay anything.

To register you only need log in with a Google account and sign up for the different courses to start with the online training you want. On the other hand, you also have more courses available through this Google page. So it is another way to learn about all the topics with which to continue improving your skills, professional career, etc.

More training from Google

In addition to these Google courses with a free certificate, on this website you have available more than 50 online courses to do on your own. Whether to improve your professional career or your business. In each section, you have the opportunity to find a wide variety of alternatives to continue training on your own from home.

Keep in mind that many of these do not offer free certification, but to get it, you will have to pay at the end of the course. In this case, depending on the course, the price for the certificate varies. And as for the payment method, it is done through the digital platform itself.


Once the syllabus of the different courses is completed, you can obtain the certificate that is supported by different institutions. Within each of these courses, you can find out who is behind it. Although, it must be clear that it is not a valid university or administrative degree. Just as it cannot be validated with university credits.



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