Learn Japanese with Crunchyroll and Duolingo: A Collaboration for Anime Lovers

aprender japones con anime.jpg
aprender japones con anime.jpg

Anime streaming platform Crunchyroll and popular language learning app Duolingo have joined forces to help users learn Japanese. This partnership offers anime fans the chance to immerse themselves in the Japanese language in a fun and effective way. Through this partnership, Crunchyroll users can access a free month of Super Duolingo, the premium version of the app, and enjoy personalized lessons based on common mistakes. Additionally, the Duolingo course will incorporate anime phrases into the English to Japanese translation, providing students with useful words and expressions for their learning.

Learn Japanese in an easy and fun way

The collaboration between Crunchyroll and Duolingo offers anime fans a unique opportunity to learn Japanese in an entertaining and effective way. Although it may seem like an unusual association, many anime fans are motivated to study the Japanese language to better understand the cultural and linguistic details that get lost in translation.

Duolingo, one of the most trusted and popular platforms for language learning, uses a gamified approach that provides users with an interactive and engaging experience. By studying with Duolingo, users earn experience points (XP), lose lives for making mistakes, and earn gems that can be used in the Duolingo store. Its diverse question format and easy-to-use interface make Duolingo one of the best language learning apps.

One month of free Super Duolingo for registered Crunchyroll users

As part of this collaboration, all registered Crunchyroll users have the opportunity to enjoy a free month of Super Duolingo, the premium version of the app. Super Duolingo offers an ad-free experience and personalized lessons based on common user mistakes. Even if you’re new to Duolingo, you can take advantage of this special offer and explore the benefits of the premium version.

To access this promotion, Crunchyroll users need to verify their email address. Those who have a Premium subscription on Crunchyroll will receive an email with the details of the free trial. If you haven’t received it, you can visit the Redeem a Duolingo Promo Code page and enter the code CRUNCHYDUO. It is important to note that this offer will be available until July 16, 2023, so it is advisable to register before that date.

Learn Japanese through anime

One of the most effective ways to practice and improve your understanding of Japanese is to watch anime with subtitles through streaming platforms like Crunchyroll. By combining your regular anime-watching habits with studying through Duolingo, you’ll be speaking and understanding Japanese before you know it. This collaboration offers students the opportunity to enjoy anime while learning the language in an integrated way.

The inclusion of anime phrases in the Duolingo course is especially helpful, as it allows students to learn words and expressions that are commonly used in Japanese culture. If you work hard and stay consistent in your studies, you may even be able to read manga in Japanese in the future, further immersing yourself in the rich narrative and art of Japanese manga.

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