Learn how to download Android 12 on your cell phone

You already have Android 11 or not yet? Well now we tell you that Google has decided to launch, in advance, its latest operating system that will come into effect in the coming months: we are talking about Android 12.

According to the Mountain View company, if you have a Pixel 3, you will be able to install the first beta phase of Android 12 and start trying it to your liking. How do you do that?

Only a privileged few will be able to install the update. To do this, you must become one of those who wants to try the Google developer tool, otherwise it simply will not work. To do this, sign up for this page.

Once you access it, you must execute the steps that we will leave you below so that you can try Android 12 right now. Remember that you may have the opportunity to return to how you were, that is, Android 11.

In this way you can get Android 12 on your Google Pixel cell phone. (Photo: Google)
In this way you can get Android 12 on your Google Pixel cell phone


The first thing you should do on your Google Pixel 3 or higher is to enter the developer options. To access it, simply go to Settings and Systems, and press the build number about 10 times to activate it.

Now just go to USB debugging and enable the OEM option. Then you must connect your device to the computer. But before doing so, make sure you have the ADB program downloaded. For this we leave the link here: Download ADB for Windows

Now go to Flash.android.com. Select the device you have connected and accept the debugging on your cell phone.

At that moment you simply have to accept everything that comes out on your computer. Now just wait for it to load all the information, this process can take up to 30 minutes and voila.

With all the steps well done, you will have already been able to install Android 12 in its first beta phase. You will see that it is very similar to an iPhone.

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