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Learn about these applications that can replace Google Photos if you do not agree with their changes

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Many users of Google Photos They are concerned that as of June 1, the application will begin to charge for its storage. Currently, we can upload unlimited images as long as they are compressed (High quality); However, this will change from the mentioned date and any photo or video that we start uploading will take up space in the free 15 GB that they will provide us. In this note we will provide you with other options that you can use.

If you are a user who likes to upload photos or videos in original quality, rest assured that your storage of Google Photos It will fill up much faster, and if you are not satisfied with the rates offered by the company we will offer you 3 different options with the same functions and affordable prices.


Jeff Bezos’ company also offers unlimited storage, but, unlike Google Photos, this app saves them without compressing them, here the RAW files are included. However, this storage is not free for the largest files such as videos, which will begin to occupy space of 5 GB free. The price is 43 dollars (36 euros) per year or 4.86 (3.99 euros) per month.


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The company Bill Gates and Paul Allen, we mean Microsoft, also has its own cloud and like Amazon also offers 5 GB free. The OneDrive app is available to all users with a Microsoft account.

The price of this application is very cheap, presenting rates from 2 euros per month for 100 GB and 99 euros per year (120 dollars) for 1 TB so you can save your favorite photos and videos.


If you are not willing to pay a single penny for storage, we recommend Flickr, a free application that will allow you to save up to 1000 photos but without exceeding 200 MB.

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