Leaks about the Fairphone 5 point to a design evolution


The first leaks about the Fairphone 5, the next Android mobile model from the Dutch company Fairphone, specialized in sustainable mobiles through the use of a modular system, which facilitates the repair of specific parts and the reuse of materials, point to a evolution in its design towards the most current standards.

In this sense, according to the publication Android Authority, which indicates having exclusively official representations of the new model thanks to a reliable source, begins by indicating that the new model will do without a notch and will instead opt for a perforation on the screen for the frontal camera.

A more current look

This will achieve a more current appearance compared to previous models, which look more outdated today.

In addition, there are some improvements in the module for the rear cameras, the main difference being the use of a circular led flash instead of an oval led flash, giving uniformity to the module with all its circular elements, and once again dispensing with unnecessary sensors. .

Inside, the tray for the microSD card slot and the SIM card slot, despite still being under the battery, now changes position, reaching the top of the device instead of the side.

A transparent option could delight enthusiasts

And finally, there will be three different color options, where in addition to the usual black option, users will also be able to choose between the light blue option and the transparent model option. Let’s remember that the Fairphone 4 is in black, green and speckled green.

Hardware specifications unknown

For now, these leaks focus on the design, with the hardware specifications still to be known.

At this point it will be interesting to know if the company will choose to use a more current processor, although yes, far from the most current processors that we usually find in other brands in their different classification levels.

It will be a matter of time to wait for the company to officially pronounce itself with all the details, given that the Fairphone 4 was presented two years ago, where even the most fanatics of the brand will be excited about some evolution that continues to maintain compatibility with the philosophy of sustainable and modular mobiles, where it would also be interesting if it had a more current version of Android.

More information: Android Authority
Image: Fairphone 4/Credit: Fairphone

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