Layout print media professionally and free of charge with Scribus

Whether it’s a magazine, flyer or brochure: no expensive DTP software is required for professional layouts. Scribus is a powerful, zero-cost alternative.


A flyer can also be designed with a word processor such as OpenOffice. But especially with complex designs, the work is not much fun: elements are constantly shifting and destroying the layout, which somehow always stands on shaky ground.


The thing is clear: for successful layouts you should rather use a special program. But you don’t have to go straight to DTP machines like InDesign or QuarkXPress and spend a lot of money: Many requirements can also be handled just as well with Scribus. The open source tool provides everything that is necessary for a high-quality and individual design of print and print media.

Our guide explains how to create a professional layout with Scribus in just a few steps – starting with setting up the software, creating different designs and editing the content.


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