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Landscape photography: photograph parks and gardens simply and impressively

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Public gardens and parks offer a wide variety of motifs in a limited space. This is how you find the right perspective for exciting picture compositions.

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In contrast to natural landscapes, parks and gardens are natural spaces planned, laid out and maintained by people. In history, they often served the rulers as a means of self-portrayal and demonstration of their power. Later, wealthy citizens who were interested in plants also came. Many parks are now freely accessible and are often maintained with public funds. Modern facilities are mostly designed as places for recreation and relaxation in an urban environment.

Parks and gardens are also a worthwhile destination for photographers, because on the one hand they are easily accessible and on the other hand they offer a large variety of (natural) motifs in a comparatively small space and this at almost any time of the day and year and in any weather.

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Whether it’s a modern garden or a baroque park, when I enter it, I always allow myself the time to first perceive the mood and atmosphere. Due to different points of view in the park, the perspective always changes. Little by little I begin to grasp and feel the whole thing. Finally, lines of sight appear, trees and bushes form distinctive elements, the path guides you through the grounds in an exciting way, beds with varied designs increase the excitement and enjoyment.

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