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Kodi already allows you to download a preliminary version of its new version Kodi 20 Nexus


Kodi is, for those who don’t know, an interesting open source multimedia player software available for multiple platforms, including the well-known Raspberry Pi, allowing you to turn any device on which it is installed into a complete multimedia center.

In addition to the ability to deal with the diversity of multimedia content formats, users can expand the possibilities through third-party add-ons, although this situation has given it a bad name due to some illegal extensions.

In any case, Kodi is a completely legal and free platform that users can install without any problem on their devices, having at their disposal the stable version number 19.4, known by the nickname of Matrix.

Much more than a simple media player

The developers want to make a leap in quality in their new version, Kodi 20, nicknamed Nexus, for which they have just released their first preliminary version, available for the usual supported systems, both 32-bit and 64-bit. on the download page.

And although there are hardly any visual changes in this first preliminary version, internally there are significant changes, as we can see in this statement.

In this way, the first steps are taken so that in the near future, whether it is weeks or a few months, the new important update of Kodi will arrive, which competes in the segment of multimedia center software with options such as Plex, which has also been evolving over time.

Those who dare with the preliminary version should know that some functions may not work correctly or may be incomplete, being still in the development phase, but that it will serve for the application to arrive sufficiently polished towards its stable version at the moment. in which the developers already believe that it is ready to be released for all users.

More Info/Image Credit: Kodi