Kodak launches the world’s largest puzzle: 51,300 pieces and the size of a bus

Kodak launches the world's largest puzzle: 51,300 pieces and the size of a bus
Kodak Launches The World39s Largest Puzzle 51300 Pieces

If you need a new idea not to propose one that will last you weeks: Kodak has released the world’s most massive puzzle: over 50,000 pieces and the size of a bus.

We do not exaggerate. The puzzle measures 8.6 meters long by 1.9 meters high, for a total of 51,300 pieces—paradise (or the nightmare) of any puzzle lover.

This giant puzzle is made up of 27 images of some Wonders of the World. All of them are icons of universal architecture. From the Colosseum in Rome to Machu Picchu in Peru, the Japanese Mount Fuji, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The only Spanish representation is the Park Güell in Barcelona.

The puzzle will be divided into 27 independent bags; each centred on a monument. Each bag contains 1,900 pieces. Kodak advises in the instruction book, assemble them one by one and join them at the end.

It should be clear that these are not 27 independent puzzles that you then paste next to each other: they are all joined by pieces, so it is a single puzzle 8.6 meters long by 1.9 meters high. As tricky as completing it, it will be finding a place to put it … You can stick it on the hallway wall, or a garden wall, if you protect it well. But still, very few houses will have room to exhibit it.

Kodak knows that there is nothing more frustrating than placing 51,299 pieces to realize that you have lost one … So it has a coordinate system that allows you to reference the missing chip, to request a free replacement. Yes, only one per customers don’t lose it a second time …

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As you may have imagined, the price of the world’s most massive puzzle is not low. Although it will provide you with fun for weeks, and even months, so it can compensate you if you are a puzzle fanatic.

It will go on sale in the United States for $ 425.95. It is already listed in Amazon USA, although it does not have a release date yet.