Kobold VK7, analysis, installation, maintenance and opinion of the cleaning kit from the Thermomix manufacturer



Vorwerk is the brand behind the famous Thermomix, and is also responsible for cleaning devices under the Kobold brand, where the kit I’ve been reviewing for the past two weeks is located.

In the video that I have recorded, of more than 20 minutes, I show all the details of all the accessories: the traditional vacuum cleaner, the one that is used for corners, the one that cleans mattresses and the ideal one for sofas and cars, together with the powders, liquids and air fresheners that come in the many boxes received.

Vorwerk lent me the entire kit for a couple of weeks, the essentials, which cost about 500 euros, and the accessories, up to 500 euros each, so that the complete cleaning kit exceeds 1,600 euros.

It’s worth it? Depends. First let’s watch the video, grab the popcorn, then we’ll talk:

Video review of the Kobold VK7

As you can see, there are several advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of the Kobold VK7

It is a very complete solution, with very well finished designs, ideal power, a more advanced scrubbing system than any other cloth solution that I have seen (although it still loses if we compare it with a Tineco), the possibility of being placed horizontally to enter underneath of beds and wardrobes, complete mattress cleaning solution, very well thought out device for sofas (both for the cushions and for the gaps between them), easy cleaning of each accessory, durability and good technical support.

I’m talking about durability because all Vorwerk products are famous for lasting for years and years without problems, although in this case I’ve only been able to test the Kobold VK7 for two weeks, so I can’t guarantee that it’s the same in that regard. Even so, the quality of the materials is very good, I have not seen any area that squeaks.

Disadvantages of the Kobold VK7


In addition to the price, since we are talking about a brand with much more expensive products than the competition, there are other disadvantages that are worth mentioning. On the one hand we have the instruction manual. It is very bad, it does not indicate cleaning instructions, it does not say what some of the buttons are for, it does not explain in detail how to use it, forcing you to go to the Internet or the app in search of help in that regard. In my case, after testing thousands of devices in the last 20 years, I haven’t had many problems, but I’ve had to try and push and figure out what I have to do to take things apart and clean them, for example.

Another point that could be improved refers to the extra cleaning accessories. The device that scrubs needs Vorwerk liquid, the one that cleans the mattresses needs Vorwerk powder, the vacuum cleaner has a Vorwerk air freshener tablet and Vorwerk dust collection bags… a great dependency is generated, since it does not show alternatives that can use other, cheaper brands, always having to go to the Vorwerk store when the materials are needed.

The battery has also disappointed me a lot. You cannot vacuum, scrub and clean the mattress in one morning, since it is necessary to load every two by three. At maximum power we only have 10 minutes of autonomy, and at minimum power it does not reach an hour. It charges in two hours, so it’s best to do one thing each day so you don’t lose your patience. In one batch I vacuumed the 80 m2 house, charging for two hours, then the sofa for 10 minutes at maximum power, charging for two hours, then washing, charging for two hours, and then the mattress, conclusion: the whole day with the subject.


It is true that I have managed to vacuum areas of the house that other devices do not reach (such as under the closet), it is also true that I have managed to clean the mattress and leave it almost as new, and that the upholstery of the sofa is perfect, but everything it has a price.

If we take into account that we have seen quite good vacuuming solutions for around 300 euros, and very complete scrubbing solutions for a little more, we would have to do the numbers to verify if it is worth spending more than 1500 euros on a cleaning kit of this type.

Quality pays, that’s clear, and durability too, so we would have to see the state of the Kobold VK7 and the rest of the solutions in five years, to see which devices are still working like new.

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