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On Friday, a lot of the material regarding the Paul Pelosi attack was released according to a judge’s order, pursuant to media requests. The authorities released the police body cam video of the attack, Paul Pelosi’s call to the 911 operator, and the Capitol Police surveillance video which revealed how suspect David DePape got into the Pelosi home.

I don’t understand why the authorities didn’t just release all the information, to begin with. But the failure to do that plus the muddled media reports — some of which were put out and then pulled back, such as the report about both men being in their underwear — raised questions. The release answered a lot of the questions, but some questions remained for some, as my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell noted. That’s what happens in a free society when people look at the evidence and sometimes see things differently.

But not to CNN’s new operative, Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger put out a list of people that he got from the Seattle Times who Kinzinger claimed had “made fun” of Paul Pelosi and tweeted to his followers to “hold those people accountable.”

First, Seattle Times didn’t say that those people “made fun” of Pelosi, that’s Kinzinger’s added lie. Most of the people were listed as “raising doubts that all the facts were disclosed.” Well, all the facts weren’t disclosed, since they had been holding all this material back and that was part of the problem.

According to Kinzinger, you aren’t allowed to question a case with shifting facts in America or you must be held “accountable.” That’s a scary thought he’s pushing there, and a lot of leftists were going along with it. Are we living in a Communist country? Everyone must hew to the prescribed dictates of how to view a case. That isn’t how it works in this country, Adam. At least not yet, despite the efforts of Democrats to try to censor people on social media and promote their political narrative.

It sure looks like Kinzinger is trying to sic his followers on those people on that list, which is particularly ironic given he used to complain about threats he received. So Kinzinger is talking about the attack on the husband of a member of Congress, yet he’s putting members of Congress on a “target list”? Does he ever look at himself and wonder what he’s doing? And if any of these people, God forbid, were then attacked, would he feel anything at all? Does CNN have any concern that their new hire is doing things like this and lying? If Adam had been included on such a list, he’d be the first one to cry that he was being “targeted.”

Moreover, has he checked how many times he’s attacked or “made fun of people” and/or put out false information? He would do better to clean his own house before he goes casting stones at anyone else.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was on that list, likely answered for a lot of them with his response that took Kinzinger apart.

“You’re a hack & a liar,” Cruz said. “The day this happened I said it was a horrific violent attack & I was praying for the Pelosi family. What I mocked was the dishonest media (like you) that falsely painted the attacker as a MAGA Trumpster instead of a deranged hippie nudist Leftist.”

But Adam has difficulty with facts, which may explain why he’s at CNN.

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