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Kingdom Maker is here, the best way to have fun this summer playing

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If there’s one thing you can do when it’s hot in the summer, it’s play on your phone or tablet. Well, if you like games where you become a king, starting today you can enjoy Kingdom Maker. This creation of Scopely assures you that you are going to have fun like never before with your mobile terminal. This is a title that fuses real-time strategy with simulation, since it has role-playing game touches that make for such a good time. What you have to do is take control of your own fantastic kingdom and make it the best of all. And, for this you will have to make decisions that will mark your type of government and where there is always a touch of humor that is appreciated. Some of the things in which you will be involved, beyond the usual medieval battles, is looking for a romance that will lead you to maintain a lineage that will not be extinguished in time. Also, and unlike in other titles, politics has a fairly strong presence in Kingdom Maker. Therefore, if you are not very attentive, you can run into very serious problems – since not everyone in your kingdom is a faithful follower. Options of all kinds This game, which is a 4X that is anything but traditional, makes strategy much more fun than usual. Therefore, no door is closed between users. With constant evolution, you will be able to play for years and enjoy a very strong social component, as indicated by Steve Huff, president of Scopely. Some of the features that are remarkable in Kingdom Maker are the following: Includes construction of cities where you can have many buildings that provide you with better armies and advances in wealth. All military components are customizable, since you can recruit troops to have commanders formed by your own kingdom. Establish control of the territory in this game where the battles are in real time. You can fight to conquer from big cities to trading posts. It all depends on the expansionist idea you have. Alliances are present and they are important. This will lead you to achieve total domination as long as you have the necessary support. Besides, you will be able to negotiate from peace treaties to the exchange of goods that you will need to evolve. Kingdom Maker, compatible with all mobiles This is something crucial. Despite the fact that the technical section is quite well taken care of, with mid-range terminals you can enjoy this title without problems. In this way, it can be said that it is a game that is available to everyone. Besides, you should know that you have the option of getting the title we are talking about for both the iOS and Android operating systems. Therefore, there is no restriction. The truth is that this is a great way to spend your free time now that summer is here and, as a result, it is not a bad idea to try Kingdom Maker at all. It offers a large number of possibilities that, without realizing it, will keep you hooked to achieve the goal of every monarch: that the kingdom they lead is the most powerful and prosperous of all. You will get it? >

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