Kindle can’t connect right now, how to fix it?

kindle can't connect right now, how to fix it?
kindle can't connect right now, how to fix it?

Kindle won't connect

Connecting our Kindle to the Internet allows us to sync up books purchased or downloaded. Or access the store to buy new ones. But it doesn’t always work well. If your Kindle can’t connect right now and you see a similar message on the screen, here are the steps to follow.

To send new titles to the Amazon ereader you can do it from Calibre, from the online store if you have linked your account or from the device itself. But you need an Internet connection to buy or download them and there are several reasons that may be causing it to fail.

compatibility and networks

The first thing you should keep in mind is that if you have connection problems on the Kindle but also on other devices, it is advisable that you see if it is a problem with your operator or a drop. Check the router and check the other devices. WiFi may not work on the Kindle because the Internet in general is not working. In that case, it’s not the Amazon book reader’s problem.

You should also take into account the compatibility of the devices. As they collect from the help page, they are not compatible with 6 GHz WiFi bands. And the models marketed before 2021 do not support 5 GHz and WPA3 encryption. In the case of having a recent model you will not have to worry about this.

way to connect router

Check all devices

The first thing to check is not just the Kindle settings but everything around it. The first thing you should do is make sure that the book reader is away from gadgets or devices that cause interference. For example, avoid being near baby monitors or microwaves. They also recommend from Amazon that you stay away from WiFi devices with high bandwidth consumption to avoid errors.

If we verify that none of this happens, you must also make sure that all devices that are connected to the same WiFi network work. As we explained at the beginning, this will help us to know if the error is in the Kindle or the error is general. If they work, try turning some off temporarily. Your network may be overloaded: if you have several devices connected to WiFi, temporarily turn off some of them to improve the connection.

From your Kindle

If none of the above works, we can take action from the Kindle itself in its settings.

Check the connections

We can check the Internet connections. Perhaps you have activated the “Flight mode” or you are not properly connected to the network what is it. In that case, we must turn on the electronic book, touch the menu icon on the “home” screen and go to settings.

In the first section you will find: Flight mode. Make sure it is disabled if you want it to connect to the Internet and be able to sync all your books or access the Kindle online store.

Then we will find “Wifi2 networks. We will see the available networks. See if it is connected or not. If not, look for the one you are interested in, type the password and wait for the connection.


other tips

If the above doesn’t work or it appears that you are connected, there are other tips you can follow to try to get your Kindle to connect properly to the Internet. For example, checking that you have the latest software version installed. It must have been updated automatically. If not, you can go to the Kindle website, search for your model and access “Kindle E-reader Software”. From here you can download the update and send it via USB cable.


Amazon also recommends other tips. For example, connect with your smartphone as a personal WiFi hotspot to see if this allows it to work. It will only take us a few minutes to synchronize our books so you will not spend many megabytes of your fee.

reboot and reset

If nothing works, we can restart. And if not, factory reset.

Restarting it is simply forcing it to turn off and on again…

  • Go to the menu found on the home page, the three dots on the right
  • Once inside, select “Settings”
  • Then tap on the three dots on the right
  • Choose the option “Restart”

After a few seconds it will turn on again.

To factory reset the steps are simple but keep in mind that you will delete all the content. You will have to set it up again so don’t do it unless nothing works.

  • To factory reset your Kindle, go to the start menu.
  • Select Menu.
  • We will have to go to Settings.
  • Press the 3 points that you will see on the screen.
  • Press the option «Reset device»

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