Killer robots arrive in the real world in the shape of a puppy

1634173091 perro robot militar.jpg
1634173091 perro robot militar.jpg

When we began to see robots in the shape of animals, walking through areas of difficult access and making extremely agile movements, we all hoped not to have to give the news that we are giving today: the use of these robots for war.

It was inevitable, the temptation and inclination to violence exceeded common sense, and we already have the first military dog ​​robot on the planet.

It was the manufacturer Ghost Robotics that decided that it was a good idea to put a rifle on the back of a robot dog and present it at the annual convention of the Association of the US Army in Washington.

Here you can see the image on Twitter, a Q-UGV with a Creedmoor 6.5mm rifle from the SWORD International weapons company.

Latest lethality 6.5 #creedmoor sniper payload from @SWORDINT. Check out the latest partner payloads @AUSAorg Wash DC. Keeping US and allied #sof #warfighter equipped with the latest innovations. @USSOCOM #defense #defence #NationalSecurity #drone #robotics

– Ghost Robotics (@Ghost_Robotics) October 11, 2021

Ghost Robotics claims to have created a weapon to deliver precision fire from unmanned platforms, a weapon that could be made even more deadly with artificial intelligence capabilities already used on the battlefield with war drones.

It’s destined for the battlefield, ignoring what experts like Elon Musk, Noam Chomsky and Stephen Hawking said in 2015, who signed an open letter calling on the United Nations to completely ban killer robots.

On its website, SWORD says:

[…] The SPUR was specifically designed to deliver precision fire from unmanned platforms like the quadruped Ghost Robotics Vision-60. Due to its high capacity sensors, the SPUR can operate in a variety of conditions, both day and night.

They do not give specifications, we do not know if it is operated remotely or if it works with a certain degree of autonomy, but what is clear is that a dangerous first step has been taken.