Keychron K7: this is the world’s thinnest, compact and wireless mechanical keyboard

For some time now, mechanical computer keyboards have become fashionable. These are models that do not skimp on the size of the keys and that it is a pleasure to press them because with each stroke a characteristic “clack” sounds. that takes us (the most veteran) to those magical times of the Commodore 64, MSX and other microcomputers of the 80’s. Of course, as you have a colleague at work with one of these keyboards, you can go looking for some good headphones with which to isolate yourself.

Keychron K7 keyboard.

The fact is that there are not a few companies that have seen a vein in that fashion for mechanical keyboards, although Keychron, with its K7, has gone one step further by compressing it to unsuspected limits, leaving only the necessary keys and wrapping everything in a body with a negligible thickness, just 22 millimeters. A true milestone that banishes the idea that one of these keyboards must be bulky and heavy.

Wireless or wired, whatever we want!

You have this Keychron K7 available to reserve through Kickstarter and offers a total of 68 mechanical keys that we can change in case of problems quickly and easily. The manufacturer boasts that in case of repair, we can replace any key immediately, reliably and without breaking any part of the keyboard.

Keychron K7 keyboard.

Precisely, this Keychron K7 is lit and we can customize the tone to the one we like the most. Leave white by default or define any RGB tone that comes to mind. In addition, it is compatible with PC and Mac, as well as iPad and Android, and in the case of both computers and tablets and smartphones we can connect it wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. And in case your battery runs out, do it by cable (USB-C) to avoid wasting time.

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This keyboard It is made with an aluminum body so it is extremely light and we can take it wherever we want if we need, for example, to use a keyboard next to the iPad Pro to type faster. It is a really interesting mobility alternative that, yes, is a bit scandalous due to the noise of the mechanical keys (although you can always mitigate with the optical mode). You have it available through Kickstarter at a price of 63 euros to change, with options to customize its layout to Spanish and with a shipping date for the month of September.