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Journalists award the “Sealed Oyster” to Tesla

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Because of Tesla’s dealings with the media, the research network gave the company a negative price

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The car manufacturer Tesla has been given the negative “Closed Auster” prize by the network of researchers’ association Netzwerk Recherche. The reason given by the renowned association with over 1,000 members on Saturday was the “non-transparent behavior of Tesla towards the media and the public”.

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Examples of this are the prevention of reporting through the selective selection of reporters and the non-answering of press inquiries, it said in a statement. The company did not comment on this to the German Press Agency.

At the award ceremony in Hamburg, which was broadcast live, there was no reaction to an invitation from the journalists’ association to Tesla to accept the award and to give a speech of thanks or counter-speech.

“Tesla has been known among reporters for years for actively and aggressively obstructing research and reporting. Elon Musk himself has repeatedly threatened journalists in the past, regularly spreads false news and manipulates the media for his personal financial interests,” said Daniel Drepper, chairman of Netzwerk Recherche. “Elon Musk and Tesla seem to have absolutely no regard for critical public discourse. For Musk and Tesla, the press seems to be the enemy. This stance will become more relevant as Musk and Tesla become more influential. That’s why we’re awarding the company the Sealed Oyster of the Research Network this year.”

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In March, Tesla opened a factory in Grünheide near Berlin, which has been producing electric cars ever since. Tesla has dissolved its press department in the USA. CEO Elon Musk is known for posting public statements on Twitter. Since 2002, the Recherche network has been awarding the Negative Prize to people and institutions. Previous winners have included ADAC, the Catholic Church, Facebook, Aldi, Fifa, the Bavarian state government and Kremlin ruler Vladimir Putin.

Tesla unveiled a humanoid robot just yesterday.


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