Jobs with more opportunities for young people, according to LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has produced the “First Job Barometer 2022“, a document in which he analyzes the situation of young people who have recently finished their studies and enter the labor market with the need and desire to receive a first professional opportunity.

In 2025, young people from Generation Z will represent 27% of the talent on LinkedIn

According to the company, in 2025, the members of Generation Z, those who today are looking for that first job, will already represent 27% of the talent of the social network. With the aim of guiding them when it comes to finding their first professional opportunity, LinkedIn has carried out this study in which it identifies the jobs with the most opportunities for young Spaniards, as well as the skills most sought after by companies.

The sectors and positions that are generating the most employment among members of generation Z according to LinkedIn are the following: Software engineers, administrative assistants, waiters, technicians and sales assistants.

They are also among the most prominent roles aimed at young technical jobs such as warehouse workers, graphic designers, cashiers, construction workers, nurses, receptionists or teachers.

All these professions make up the list compiled by LinkedIn based on Economic Graph data collected during 2021. In terms of sectors, LinkedIn identifies five in particular in which the greatest number of employment opportunities for young people are found:

-Information technology

-Business consulting

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-Food and beverage services

-Manufacture of machinery

-Telecommunications and media

As additional advice, LinkedIn points out that having “soft skills” is already as important as the training itself. For example, engineers are asked for training in Java, administrative assistants are required to have knowledge of accounting and mastery of tools such as Word or Excel. For its part, communication is essential for waiters and vendors, as well as the ability to work in a team, flexibility and speak English.

Among the top 10 cities that offer the most opportunities are Manresa, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Malaga, followed by Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Vigo and Murcia.