iX workshop: IT law for admins – basics, stumbling blocks and practice

How does a legally compliant IT operation work? The online day workshop on 1.9. clarifies the rights, obligations and options for action of administrators.


In day-to-day operations, IT law primarily affects administrators. The one day iX-Workshop Law for Admins – Legally compliant IT operations: Basics, stumbling blocks and practical solutions on September 1, 2022 explains what IT administrators are legally allowed to do – and what they are even legally obliged to do in some situations.

However, the training is not only aimed at system and network administrators but also at IT decision-makers and security officers who want to get a well-founded overview of the legal situation with their possibilities and risks for their own company.

In this online workshop, the two speakers will deal with the most important legal questions from everyday IT life. During the training there is an opportunity to deepen what has been conveyed through questions and discussions and to bring in situations from your own everyday IT life.

The workshop will be conducted by a well-established team consisting of a technician and a lawyer: Dr. Christoph Wegener has been a freelance consultant with wecon.it-consulting in the areas of information security, data protection and open source since 1999. Joerg Heidrich is legal counsel, data protection officer at Heise Medien and also works as a lawyer in Hanover.

  • Law for admins – legally compliant IT operations: basics, pitfalls and practical solutions, online workshop, September 1, 2022.

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