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iX workshop: Getting started with data science with Python

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Learn how to analyze and prepare your company data using the Python Scientific Stack. 10% early bird discount until 18.10.

The Python programming language is considered the Swiss army knife for data scientists. In the interactive iX online course Introduction to data analysis with Python: NumPy and Pandas, visualization, data literacy, Dr. Julian von der Ecken, senior data scientist and trainer at the consulting firm Point 8, over two days how you can use Python to draw hidden but strategically important insights from your own company data.


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In this online workshop you will learn Python scientific stack know and use. This includes the standard libraries numpy for efficient computing with large amounts of data and pandas for working with tabular data, but also tools for plot and visualize of data. In many practical exercises you have the opportunity to apply the new knowledge directly. Also an introduction to Machine Learning with Python is part of the workshop.

The workshop is aimed at developers who want to get intensively involved in working with data and statistical methods. It will take place on November 15th and 16th, 2022; Jupyter notebooks are available in the cloud for the practical exercises. A brief overview of the basics of the language is provided at the beginning of the training to refresh your Python skills. If you’re new to Python, here’s a quick start. The course is limited to 20 people, leaving plenty of room for questions to the speaker and for exchange among each other.

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