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iX workshop: DevSecOps – Automated security tests for web applications

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Learn how to add automated security checks to DevSecOps processes at the application level in this hands-on workshop.


In the DevOps context, too, it is important to consider IT security as an integral part. In this context one speaks of DevSecOps. As a participant of the iX workshop DevSecOps: Automated Security Tests for WebApp Development on November 7th and 8th, 2022, you will learn how to integrate automated security checks at the application level into the DevSecOps process.

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The online course is initially dedicated to the security basics of modern web applications. You will then use practical examples to deepen what you have learned theoretically in practice in a demo and exercise environment in the cloud. It also addresses which tools are suitable for checking applications and systems, how to integrate them into the existing Jenkins pipeline and how to interpret the results.

The training is aimed at DevOps developers, administrators and IT security officers and offers space for an intensive exchange thanks to the maximum number of participants of 15 people. Trainer Christian Biehler is the founder and managing director of bi-sec GmbH and, thanks to many years of experience, an expert in the field of IT security checks.

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