It’s worth less than 10 euros and it’s the best thing you’ll buy this winter

its worth less than 10 euros and its the best.jpg
its worth less than 10 euros and its the best.jpg


It costs less than 10 euros and is what you need this winter to improve your daily life at home. A smart plug will allow us to control the heating, the humidifier in the children’s room or the lights on the Christmas tree. We explain some uses why it is the essential gadget this winter in your home.

A smart plug allows us to control remotely the use of the devices that we have connected to that outlet. For example, we can activate a scheduler that only connects to the power at certain times or we can Set a maximum connection hours. We can set schedules according to usage or we can activate or deactivate them remotely in addition to checking consumption from applications normally compatible with iOS and Android. They have many advantages such as overload protection, home automation aids. They allow us to save, we can turn them off remotely, we can have control of what minors or children do, we can optimize resources.

Stoves, radiator and heater

The same thing happens in winter with stoves and radiators that we do not have to always have on. An advantage is that we can program what time they are on and what time they are off, even if you have your mother’s oil radiator that you have used for 30 years. We can simply control schedules from your phone mobile so that they work only in the coldest hours. Or so that the radiator that you have in the shower turns on right at the time of your children’s bath so that the room is warm when you go to shower them without you having to worry about turning it on a few minutes before or without forgetting to turn them off.

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In addition, it is an option when returning home on vacation or from a second home on weekends. We can turn them on remotely whenever we want so we can make sure the house is warm when we are on our way there without having to wait to get there to turn them on, etc. AND we can disconnect them remotely If we don’t remember if we did it when we left. We can also use it in the electric water heater: a smart plug in the water heater allows us to save when we are not going to be at home. In addition, we can connect it when we arrive and thus we will ensure that the water is ready to shower without having to wait.


If you have lights on your Christmas tree you will know that they can be a risk if we leave them on for hours and hours. Or that we forget turn them on and off when appropriate. In this type of festivities it is very interesting to put a smart plug since we can control the tree lights with a programmer that makes them only on from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., for example, or we can even turn them off if we leave from home and we have forgotten them. Not only for Christmas lights but any other holiday you celebrate…

Know consumption

The main use we can give to smart plugs is to know how much each device you have at home consumes and to know how to save more at the end of the month on your bill. Or just to know When is it a good idea to use it and when is it not?, depending on consumption or the price of electricity. Of course, you must make sure that the plug in question has a consumption meter because not all those on the market have this integrated function.

You can connect it to the refrigerator to know how much it consumes or to the washing machine or dryer to prevent it from remaining running or on once the process has finished and this way you will prevent them from spending unnecessarily, for example. Although phantom consumption will not always be reduced with a plug, we will know how much certain devices are using when we do not use them.

We can use it in our main home but they are also a good option in a business if we want to calculate the consumption of the devices we have in it, for example, or if we are going to connect it in a second home to prevent them from consuming in our absence. or to check how much electricity we use when we are not there and if it is worth having devices plugged in for months. For example, the refrigerator in your apartment on the beach that you only go to in the summer. We can save and know consumption and this is the main use of them.

Schedule times for your breakfast

There are devices that you only use in the morning, for breakfast. What is the coffee maker like? Many of the coffee makers we use today have a boiler in which the water is kept hot to have it ready as soon as we are going to make the coffee. A boiler that takes around 10 or 15 minutes to heat up if it is a small machine for domestic use. Up to 30 minutes in some cases.

If you have programmed the ignition or turn it on remotely after eating, you won’t have to wait for it to heat up. You simply have to press the button to prepare the coffee without waiting Although this is not applicable to all coffee makers and is not useful in the case of having a capsule type that will begin to heat up immediately when you touch the button, but not when you plug it into the power. We must look at the specific case and how our coffee maker works or if it is worth reducing this phantom consumption if we only use it once a day, for example.

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