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It’s official: Twitter now has a podcast to compete with Spotify

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The podcast market is in a very good moment, and this has led many companies to include this type of content among the services they offer to users. An example was not long ago Spotify and, now, it is the turn of Twitter. The well-known social network has communicated that from now on it will offer them so that you don’t have to go look for the ones you like elsewhere. This has been speculated for some time, and it is now that the company has decided to take the step because it has everything perfectly prepared. The way in which it will offer this type of content is not exactly a surprise, since the Spaces section is where you can find the news and channels that are most interesting for users. That is, it uses the place where you already work with audio (but, to date, live). What is known about podcasts on Twitter Well, as we have indicated before, regarding sharing the Spaces section, the arrival of podcasts has been redesigned. Now everything is seen in an environment where the cards are more present and, therefore, the navigation is much easier. Thus, for example, choosing between the contents that are live and those that have already been recorded -and are published online-, is something very simple, since you simply have to click on the appropriate place (as can be seen in the image that opens this article). In addition, you can search by tastes. In this way, you can check everything that there is and has to do with technology or board games, for example. That yes, Twitter reserves a section in which you can make recommendations for tastes or for being a podcast that are well known. This could not be otherwise, of course. Be that as it may, what is certain is that everything looks pretty good when it comes to locating something you like without having to leave the application. Playing couldn’t be easier Well, it’s Twitter’s great success, since once you enter the section where the podcast you want to listen to is, you simply have to click on the Play button and everything will start. Right now this is the only existing option, and it remains to be seen if any more are included, such as downloading some content to enjoy it later in places where you do not have a good connection. Right now, this type of content on the social network is only available in English, so in Spain we have to wait for the company to take the necessary steps to offer the same, but fully translated. Of course, podcasts are already a reality both in the iOS application and in the existing Twitter application on Android. >

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