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It’s official: the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a crazy sensor with 200MP

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It is already known that the new range Samsung Galaxy S23 It will be officially announced on the first day of February 2023. While waiting for this to happen, the Korean company is gradually revealing what can be found on these devices. And, now, it has been the turn of the main sensor of the rear camera of the best of all the teams that will be launched. And, the truth is that the bet is really interesting.

For a long time it has been indicated by different sources that Samsung would bet on using a sensor of its own manufacture in which it has high hopes -and which is now official-, we are talking about the ISOCELL HP2. One of the things that attracts the attention of this component is that it has a resolution of no less than 200MP, a spectacular figure because there will be no significant drop in definition for this reason. And, from what has been known, this will be the element that can be found in the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Some data that make the quality of the sensor clear

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Beyond the resolution, which although it is a value to consider, is not the only thing that indicates whether a sensor is good or not, some of the features that Samsung has announced that we are talking about. A) Yes, pixel size is 0.6 micrometers -which ensures excellent precision and a very good capacity when it comes to catching light-. Also, the size of the component is 1/1.3 inches, so we’re talking about a excellent work capacity.

Image of the new Samsung ISOCELL HP2 sensor

On the other hand, the sensor chosen for the Galaxy S23 Ultra will include some technologies that are quite interesting. One of them is that it is an element FocusPixel full, which means that you can work with all the pixels without problems and at maximum performance (something that does not happen with some competitive sensors that exceed 64MP). Also, also integrates Tetr2Pixelwhich allows it to scale to different resolutions to offer an adequate behavior in different situations that are common when taking photos (also improving the speed of work in what has to do with the ‘shot’).

More improvements introduced by Samsung

One that is very important is the use of Smart ISO Pro. This addition allows the software to use different values ​​in what has to do with the sensitivity that is used when taking a photo, which optimizes the photos that are taken -especially when there is little light-. In addition, important steps are taken to offer a enhanced HDR. But it has not been indicated precisely how it will achieve it… But the importance of this is great, since we are talking about a technology that ensures an adequate and effective dynamic range.

If all this works as it should, we are facing an important step in what has to do with mobile photography. The reason is that it could be the first 200MP sensor to offer advances beyond pixel count. And this is something that benefits the photos that are obtained, which are much more precise and with more details. Of course, we will have to see how it behaves with the zoom.

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