It’s official: the OnePlus Nord 2 will be presented on July 22

Oneplus Nord 2 2
it's official: the oneplus nord 2 will be presented on

After months of rumors, and after the brand itself anticipated features, The OnePlus Nord 2 already has an official presentation date: we will see it on July 22. That day we will know the evolution of what has been his best bet in the mid-range.

OnePlus decided to diversify its catalog so as not to focus exclusively on the high-end range. From there came the first OnePlus Nord, a mobile with a great design and excellent features that reduced its specifications (in addition to the materials) to be in the range of 400 euros. Then came the OnePlus N, even cheaper, also the OnePlus Nord CE. And the successor to the one who started it all is on his way to the starting position.

OnePlus Nord 2: with 5G and available in Europe and India

Oneplus Nord 2 2

Processor confirmed by OnePlus

The launch is official and has already been communicated by OnePlus: next July 22 we will see a new phone of the brand, also your review for the “aspirational mid-range”. If the original OnePlus Nord was a success, with stocks that were exhausted after its release, what will happen to the successor.

We still do not know too many details of the OnePlus Nord 2, although some data has been leaked by the brand itself. It will include 5G, for example; not in vain the mobile starts with that tagline.

The OnePlus Nord 2 will equip a MediaTek Dimensity 1200. This SoC is of great power and versatility, it offers the aforementioned 5G and high-level gaming performance. In addition, we had not seen it mounted on any phone at the European level, it is great news that it officially disembarks on the continent. And, according to OnePlus, MediaTek has optimized the processor specifically for the phone: remember that the brand recently presented this possibility for its highest range of chips, the aforementioned Dimensity 1200.

In the absence of knowing the exterior design (surely similar to the original OnePlus Nord), camera characteristics and other hardware, it is time to mark July 22 on the calendar. The mobile will be released at 4:00 p.m. in Spain. And you can hope to get it for free if you participate in the OnePlus giveaway.