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It’s Official: The End of Third-Party Twitter Clients Has Arrived

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After a few days in which it was not known exactly what was happening on Twitter regarding third-party applications, things have now become very clear on the part of the social network. This has taken the step to prevent these apps from working as to date. Therefore, what happened with Tweetbot was not something specific… far from it. Let’s make a brief summary: it had been detected that some third-party applications that offer access to Twitter in a different way than the official client had stopped working. Some thought it was due to a problem with the social network’s API. The fact is that in a Twitter message it indicated that some conditions of use were being breached, and that this led to a malfunction of the aforementioned apps. But there was still some suspicion of a larger movement by Elon Musk’s company. And, in the end, so it has been. The changes that Twitter has implemented Well, the company has changed the conditions of use with external developers and, the most important change, is that a new clause establishes that the creation of any product that is similar to the applications of the own Twitter. White and bottled, as they say. Therefore, it goes directly to third-party developments that work as clients and, de facto, prohibits them after many years of existence. Obviously, the social network is very free to act as it sees fit with its product, but in the face of companies and users this will not be seen well and calls into question the flag that Elon Musk always flies regarding freedom (it will be when it affects others , Clear). What is very clear is that Twitter wants everyone who accesses the platform to do so through its official application, which is expected to improve it significantly. And the reason for this goes from having greater control of access -and the way in which users use the social network-. And, especially, everything that has to do with advertising. Yes, this is one of the ways that is clearly targeted to get more income, something completely necessary considering the debts that the company has. Therefore, the arrival of more intrusive ads when visiting the timeline, for example, would not be surprising. The effects of this decision are already noticeable Very quickly, news has begun to be heard about how this new way of proceeding by Twitter affects third-party applications. And, from the looks of it, it was as expected. To begin with, Twitterrific has announced that it is no longer offering its services, but not before making a harsh criticism of Elon Musk’s company. And the same is happening with other developments, such as Tweetbot. Finally, and due to these conditions, there will be none left, it is logical and this means the end of the competition. The step taken seems definitive, although it would not be the first time that Musk has retraced his steps – but this does not seem to be one of those options. Therefore, it is necessary to say goodbye to third-party clients of Twitter and, given what has been seen, assess very seriously if the direction that the social network is taking is the right one. >

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