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It’s finally here: Android Auto 8.0 is released by Google, but without a major new feature

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google announced android 13 and Android Auto during IO22 in May, and today the in-vehicle media hub platform is rolling out via Google Play, but not in the way we expected. According to 9to5Google, the news announced by Google is not yet present in this new version.

The new version comes after Android Auto 7.8.6, which was released yesterday (23), but does not bring any new visuals, such as the home screen divided into three areas to display different applications, allowing you to control more than one function and view information more efficiently as we can see in the image released by Google in May.

finally-here-Android-Auto-80-is-released-by-Google.jpeg" width="660" height="398">

New Android Auto 8.0 home screen. Image: Google

It is worth mentioning that tests with Android Auto 8.0 Beta started a few days ago, so it is likely that Google has inserted new features into the application structure and activated them later, after tests indicate that they will work perfectly on all formats and screen sizes. of multimedia centers available in vehicles.

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In addition, it is likely that version 8.0 released today will also be responsible for fixing bugs found in previous versions, so we recommend that you install the update to have all the news as soon as it is released.

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