It’s finally a reality: you can use Apple Maps when you’re offline

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Apple Maps has become a good competitor to Google Maps, but it has some sections where it is clearly worse, such as the possibility of using offline development. Fortunately, the Cupertino company is finally fixing that. Google Maps and other mapping apps have long allowed you to save areas for offline use, which remain (at least partially) functional when you lose data service or coverage just isn’t good. It can be an invaluable feature for rural areas or disaster preparedness, but currently Apple Maps doesn’t have a similar feature and it’s something users have complained about. In system updates announced earlier this week at the WWDC23 developer event, the North American firm confirmed that its Maps service will add an offline mode with turn-by-turn navigation, estimated time of arrival, and place search. That is, everything necessary to match the competition and in this way that users do not have to use other options in their Apple terminals. Using the new Apple Maps feature The new feature of the app will work like Google Maps: you select an area to save, and directions in that area will be available later without an Internet connection. The same feature will also be available on the Apple Watch, where you’ll be able to save data directly to the watch – or your watch will be able to access any saved map from a connected iPhone. Apple Maps on iPads will also have offline support. In other words, it is a completely universal improvement. This is especially convenient for those who do different outdoor activities or prefer to leave their iPhone at home while using their Apple Watch, and this is one of many examples that can be put. Excellent news Apple is working hard to improve Apple Maps and offer a more complete experience to its users. The inclusion of offline mode is an important step in that direction and one that is sure to be enthusiastically received by those who rely on the app for their daily browsing. All of the above means that users will be able to plan routes and access the necessary information, even in environments where there is no connectivity. Offline maps will be available in updates to iOS 17, watchOS 10, and of course iPadOS 17, coming later this year. Therefore, at that time Apple Maps will be much more complete. >

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