It’s coming: paid subscription for Windows could be coming soon

its coming paid subscription for windows could be coming soon.jpg
its coming paid subscription for windows could be coming soon.jpg

Microsoft is working on which could be the most important change that has lived its operating system for decades. According to the latest discoveries made at the code level in platform files, the company has already advanced work on a paid subscription for Windows. But what would it mean for users?

That Windows can stop being marketed as software for which we pay only once and become a tool that requires a monthly subscription, It’s not something that sounds crazy. In reality, this is already something that happens with the professional versions of the operating system. However, until now the possibility that the business model would also change for ordinary consumers had not been considered.

It has already happened with Office

There is a precedent that you surely recognize: that of Office. One of the objectives that Microsoft has, whether in the short or long term, is to ensure that its products provide them income on a constant basis. They don’t like the idea of ​​continuing to make money every few years or even not getting any income from many of the people who use Windows. That is the reason why they have already changed the philosophy of Office and all the tools included in the suite. So far, as you can see, the change has been good for them and they are enjoying possibly higher incomes than they did in the past.

With Windows they are not going to follow exactly the same model as with Office, because for obvious reasons they are very different tools. Furthermore, in the case of Office it is still possible purchase the program independently, but Microsoft has made sure to push users towards the subscription version because of the benefits it provides. How will they then propose the Windows subscription?

What if they create Windows Lite?

We said a few lines ago that it is unlikely that they will do the same as with Office and offer two versions, one of them with fewer options. But what if it ends up being the plan that Windows opts for? Although the first thought that comes to mind is to believe that it is impossible, as we have been weighing it while writing these lines we realize that it is not an possibility that must be discarded so lightly.

Perhaps Microsoft decides to shape this supposed Lite version of Windows that provides widespread computer performance, that allows you to use devices, that updates with all the security you need and that does what is essential. But what the company could do would be to implement the bulk of the new features, improvements or new ideas only in the version of Windows that was available under payment of a monthly subscription.

But how do we get to all these hypotheses and information? The reason is found in what they have discovered on the Deskmodder website, where they say that in the Canary update of the German version of Windows 11 There is a file, more specifically slmgr.ini, that includes information about a supposed subscription. In the file you can see mentions of three different elements: Subscription Type, Subscription Edition and Subscription Status. Therefore, it could even be that several versions of the subscription become available so that users can select the one that best suits their interests. However, as we told you, at the moment there is nothing official and Microsoft has not spoken on the subject.

There are many rumors, such as that Microsoft is preparing the subscription as a masterstroke taking advantage of the fact that users will not be able to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. It is also said that it could be the format with which Windows 12 arrives in 2025, although it is strange that the company is going to wait so long to put this idea into circulation. What will happen in the end? Would you be willing to pay the monthly subscription to enjoy the operating system or would you prefer an alternative with reduced functions? And don’t rule out that Windows could become part of the advantages provided by the Office 365 subscription. Who knows what Microsoft is preparing!

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