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Iti Itaú highlights sustainable and inclusive initiatives present on its physical card

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O iti, a digital bank that belongs to Itaú, highlighted some of the sustainable and inclusive initiatives that are present in its physical debit and credit card. Fintech claims that it is possible to obtain the financial results and build a more sustainable world.

According to Iti Itau, the digital bank account physical debit and credit card is designed to be more accessible and inclusive. Therefore, it has side cut and Braille, attributes that facilitate handling and identification.

Another highlight is that the physical cards for the Iti account have been made with 100% recycled plastic since last October, at no additional cost to the customer, but with significant changes for the planet.

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Also according to the financial institution, there was a 36% reduction in CO₂ emissions, a 50% saving in energy and 75% in water used in the production process of Iti’s physical cards with this new construction model.

“Choosing between offering better financial results or building a more sustainable and inclusive world can be a dilemma for many. But not for iti. Here, we believe that these two factors can go hand in hand”, highlighted Iti in a statement to the customers.

Last August, he announced the opening of accounts also by minors🇧🇷 The measure arrived to attract young people who seek financial autonomy from an early age. Fintech seeks to expand its customer base.

And you, did you like the initiatives? Tell us in the comments down below!

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