It will be that easy to migrate WhatsApp chats between Android devices


If there is something that is not well worked in WhatsApp, it is everything that has to do with sending the chats that you have from one device to another. The company itself is aware of this and, for this reason, is working on a way to do this simply and effectively. Well, it has been known how the process will be and things point to being well thought out and executed -if everything is confirmed-. The intention of the messaging application to improve the migration of chats has been known for some time, something that has been requested by users for a long time and has not yet received an adequate response. The idea is that this can be achieved directly and without having to use any service in between (in this case, we are talking about Google Drive). And from the looks of it, you’re almost all set, as detected in the latest test version for Android. How will the process of chat copies in WhatsApp be? This allows the process to be really simple as well as safe, since it is necessary to have the two devices next to each other to be able to scan the image in question. Therefore, the system is well established at first. On the other hand, by doing this and avoiding the use of Google Drive, you save time and comfort, because you can be sure that everything you have is sent at that very moment -you don’t depend on the backup date-. And, in addition, you can check the effectiveness of the tool. Obviously, the time for everything to be completed depends on the amount of information you have and, for the moment, WhatsApp has not indicated whether it will be possible to choose the range of dates to make the copy or if one is applied by default. in the application and the user cannot intervene in this regard. Something that must be taken into account One of the restrictions that is known to exist in the new way of migrating WhatsApp chats is that this cannot be done with devices with different operating systems, so you will not be able to send the information from a terminal with Android to another with iOS (and vice versa). Whether the company now owned by Meta can achieve this over time remains to be seen. Taking into account all the information that is being seen regarding this new function in the test version of the application, it is more than possible that the tool we are talking about will be official in a short time. >

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