It wasn’t crazy: the Huawei Watch Buds smartwatch with headphones is real

A few days ago we commented that Huawei I had a pretty crazy idea that aimed to launch a smartwatch that integrated headphones. The truth is that it seemed like one of those impossible things that, from time to time, it is speculated that it will be put up for sale. But nothing is further from reality, since the Asian firm has confirmed that it will manufacture them and even the day they will be officially announced.

For some time now, this firm has shown itself to be one of those that offers the most interesting wearable accessories of all those on the market, especially in the segment of smart watches. And now it wants to go one step further by showing everyone that it has the capacity to innovate in a very important way and, for this, it is going to launch the Huawei Watch Buds that seemed like a pipe dream to many and that can become a completely differential option.

A release that is imminent

Even, as we have commented before, the company itself has set a release date. And, to everyone’s surprise, this one is really close: the December 2, 2022. Therefore, the images that have been leaked of the boxes in which these smart watches are located were real. In addition, the company’s own CEO (Richard Yu) has made it clear that this smartwatch will be a revolutionary advance that will allow you to enjoy an “unprecedented” experience. And he may not lack reason, everything must be said.

Huawei Watch Buds teaser, launching on December 2

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—Deng Li (@MrDengLi) November 30, 2022

A video shows the design of this Huawei

To make things quite clear, a video has been published in which you can see what this smart watch will be like. Aesthetically, it is clear that it is a very attractive model that is clearly finished in metal and that it maintains the lines of the smartwatch line that the firm has on the market. So, for example, the sphere is circular and allows easy change of straps. Of course, at no time can you see the place where the helmets are stored within the wearable itself, which is the most surprising thing that this equipment will initially offer.

Huawei Watch Buds hands-on leak

—Deng Li (@MrDengLi) November 26, 2022

There are two options that are viable to store the headphones. The first is that it be on one of the sides of the smart watch itself. It would be the most comfortable, but, yes, it is a major problem in what has to do with the integration of the hardware. On the other hand, the most viable is that, as seen in the video that we left just before this paragraph, there is a opening system -through the use of a button- that releases the screen and, that’s where the helmets would be. Luckily, to find out for sure, we will have to wait a very short time… until December 2.