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It Was Super Slow Downloading From The Internet Until I Changed These 5 Things

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Improve internet download speed

If you are daily using internet connection from home to download files, documents, movies, series… but the speed is super slow sometimes, you can change it. More than anything, because we can configure a series of aspects so that the download speed is faster.

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And so that you don’t have to look for life on your own, we will tell you all the configurations that you can follow, as well as the steps that you must carry out at all times. In this way, you will get some much higher download speeds to the ones you previously had with your Internet.

Wired connection to download

One of the first points that we will have to change will be the fact of connecting the device wired to router instead of using the WiFi connection. More than anything, because the WiFi network is more prone to collapse or interference. So it is more likely that the download speed will be much worse.

If this is your case, then we recommend connecting the computer to the router’s Ethernet port to improve file download speed. In this way we will be able to take greater advantage of the real speed that we have contracted, if not all of it.

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What is each cable router for?

The maximum number of connections

This particular case is related to P2P downloads. And it is that, probably, if you have begun to notice that they are super slow, it is time to limit the speed of uploads and downloads across these networks, just as it will be important to limit the number of maximum connections that each file can establish.

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In this way, we will achieve the most popular files do not affect the rest. So, with this simple trick, we will make the download enjoy the maximum possible Internet connection at all times, taking a long time to complete.

Change upload and download speeds

As in the previous case, we will focus on P2P networks. For this reason, it is important to know that you can change the upload and download speeds that we had already mentioned in the previous point. With this setting we can be taking advantage of the maximum possible speed that our connection offers us to download content.

In any case, when establishing the upload and download speed, we must bear in mind that, if we do not set a limit, the rest of the devices in our house will see how the connection speed is limited. Therefore, we should consider establishing a maximum limit of 20% of the speed that we have hired.

uTorrent Bandwidth

disable the proxy

Have in Ceuta that proxy servers They are responsible for managing Internet access. Although, this option will be useful if we use file download programs like uTorrent or similar. And it is that, by deactivating the proxy, we can skip the possible limitations established in the proxy and enjoy the maximum possible speed.

Like the firewall can cause problems in downloads. Therefore, it is important that we set an exception in the program we use to download files. In this way, it will be able to function smoothly at all times.

Multiple devices downloading

If we are going to have different devices downloading content from the same connection, especially if it is from the same WiFi network, what we will be doing is collapsing the bandwidth this. Therefore, the speed will be worse. Although, not only can it happen in that case, but the download will also slow down if many devices are connected to the same Internet network.

That is why we recommend do not saturate the internet connection and correctly distribute the file downloads you want to do. As an extra piece of advice, we advise you to close the background processes of the device you are using so that all the resources available to you are used for downloads.

Pirate websites downloads

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