It was on its way to success and ended up being a disaster: this animated film will arrive on Disney+ very soon

it was on its way to success and ended up being a disaster this animated film will arrive on disney+ very soon
it was on its way to success and ended up being a disaster this animated film will arrive on disney+ very soon

Disney+ is putting on track a list of blockbusters that fail to catch on with their audience. And we are referring to great premieres from Marvel, from its most successful studio Pixar and from its own crop, Disney. That is, practically the entire conglomerate. The truth is that the mouse house is not going through its best moment and its latest releases in theaters have become a real disaster. The new animated feature film will arrive on Disney+ . Will you give it a chance?

The bad streak of Disney movies in recent years is giving something to talk about. There is nothing more than seeing the short time it takes to send your movies from the cinema to your Disney+ streaming platform to find another way to obtain benefits and make those productions profitable. It has already happened in some superhero films, such as The Marvels , which was an absolute failure without reaching the planned collection goals.

Now, the company is preparing for the premiere of Pixar’s next work, Inside Out 2 , with which it intends to compensate and bet everything on one card to improve its figures for this summer. For now, we already have in our hands the date of the recent animated film by Walt Disney Animation Studios that has just left the cinema to be incorporated into the Disney+ catalog, without much convincing.

Wish: The power of wishes , a disappointment that comes to Disney+

Disney has finally removed the last film from all theaters that it was counting on to be a success. But the numbers say the opposite, since Wish: The Power of Wishes cost a whopping $200 million and ended up being another disaster for the distributor. Specifically, those figures were expected to double and they have finally been slightly surpassed , a complete mistake for one of the most important animated film creators of all time.

And this is also reflected in the specialized reviews that have been shared during its time in cinemas around the world. Specifically, Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 48%, a suspense that leaves the company on the ropes. Here, in Spain, the number of spectators has been just over a million , leaving it well below the ranks of the highest grossing films.

After the sum of this setback, Wish: The Power of Wishes will arrive on Disney+ on April 3.

It aspired to be the new Frozen , but it was stamped

It was rumored that Wish was going to become the new Frozen , after the tremendous notoriety it gained with its two installments , but in the end it could not be that way. Without going any further, the 2013 film surpassed the figure of one billion dollars globally, quite a feat in Disney’s best times.

Like Frozen , in Wish we find a female protagonist, named Asha, who faces the Magnificent King, a fearsome villain who will stand in her way, so she will have to muster up the courage to invoke the magic of the stars and defeat him.

In addition to Wish, on Disney+ you have a great selection of movies, series and documentaries with the best animation studios of the moment, as well as programming from Marvel, Star Wars and other original content.


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