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It was nice while it lasted: iOS 15 will lose Siri functionality with third-party apps

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We are approaching one of those moments in which Apple does not hesitate to reach into its operating system and take what it takes, without looking at whether it is advisable to maintain the compatibility of the entire ecosystem with previous devices. Those of Tim Cook, simply, announce changes, profound, and urge developers to tweak their apps so that they can continue to function normally. That has led the platform, in many phases, to a situation of absolute chaos. The move to 64-bit processors meant for users the loss of thousands of applications and video games that could no longer work on the new smartphones, which caused those old purchases that we brought from our old iPhone to no longer be available. And with ios 15 something similar is going to happen with Siri. Goodbye to third-party uses? Apple already announced in June, during WWDC 2021, that SiriKit was going to undergo changes, but no one expected them to be so radical. That will inevitably affect the uses made by non-Apple applications of the assistant and that in recent times had become more useful thanks to this integration, which even allowed creating shortcuts with which to perform tasks of any kind. The fact is that this opening of Siri to third-party developers seems to be hindered with iOS 15, or rather, it will change so much that to maintain the current functionality its developers will have to update their apps. That in the case of those companies that continue to maintain their products, since if this is not the case, the assistant will stop working ad eternum as before. This has been published by Apple itself on its support page for iOS 15 betas, where it reveals that “as of the launch for customers of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8 this fall, some domains of SiriKit will be obsolete and will no longer be compatible with all new and existing OS versions. “So that” if a user makes a request that takes advantage of one of these APIs after it has been removed, Siri will respond that it cannot perform the request. “Payments, for example, will be one of those functions that will be affected since, if the developer does not mediate, Siri will not be able to manage them. That is why those in Cupertino are already warning programmers to to make “plans to update any promotional activity that highlights the functionality provided by these APIs [de Siri] in your application.

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