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“It was always me: behind the story”: the documentary with exclusive material can now be seen on Disney +

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Official image of the documentary “It was always me: behind the story”. (Disney+)

After the success of the intrigue series it was always menow, for this occasion a documentary was released with all the work behind it, directed by Marco Colantoni. In this work Carol Seville Y pipe good They tell about their chemistry on screen and the challenge it meant for the Colombian singer to assume the leading role. The same way, Christian Tappan he takes us into his process carried out to face his character; among many more curiosities behind the scenes about the production.

With a duration of no more than half an hour, according to the platform itself. Disney+, It was always me: behind the story it’s a special show about how the cast prepares and how they built their characters. You will also learn reflections on the importance of music in this story, and of course, in each character. The great challenge that carrying out the recordings in the middle of the pandemic in Cartagena, Girardot, Cundinamarca and Bogotá represented for everyone will also be known.

Poster for "It was always me: behind the story" with Karol Sevilla and Pipe Bueno.  (DisneyPlus)
Poster for “It was always me: behind the story” with Karol Sevilla and Pipe Bueno. (DisneyPlus)

More about the main story

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it was always me is a story surrounded by intrigue composed of 10 episodes, which tells that, “after the sudden death of her father, Lupe, a 22-year-old girl leaves Mexico behind and travels to Colombia for his funeral. There she meets Noah, her mysterious assistant, and with him she signs up for a television contest to investigate the truth and everything behind the death of her father, a famous singer-songwriter known as ‘El Pharaoh’ ” .

This dramatic musical adventure debuted on June 15, 2022, directed by Felipe Cano Ibanez and in August of the current year, its filming was confirmed for the second season, which is planned to arrive in 2023. As it was known, the continuation of the story will take place three years after the television contest, when its participants meet to record an album reunion with one of the most famous musical stars of Colombia.

Karol Sevilla, Pipe Bueno and Christian Tappan, protagonists of "It was always me".  (DisneyPlus)
Karol Sevilla, Pipe Bueno and Christian Tappan, protagonists of “It was always me”. (DisneyPlus)

It was always me: behind the story It has statements from the protagonists, as well as their experiences, ideas, thoughts, occurrences and more. Also, you will see videos taken with their own cell phones, how the rehearsals went and everything that happened in the casting.


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