It seems that the iPhone 15 will bring 48-megapixel cameras

iphone 6884672 1280.jpg
iphone 6884672 1280.jpg

Once the hangover of the presentations that Apple made on June 5 has passed, we are faced with an interesting short-term future with the rumors that will fill the grid until the end of this year. That is when Apple is supposed to present the new iPhone and according to the new rumors it seems that they will all bring 48 megapixel cameras. At the moment it is only a rumor, but plausible.

48 megapixels is an adequate number for the new cameras of the iPhone 2023

In photography, although it seems not, the megapixels It’s not the most important thing about the camera. We have many other conditions that make quality magnify or suffer. We have, for example, the size of the sensor and, above all, light management. Considering that computational photography is especially relevant on phones, megapixels almost become essential.

That is why it is necessary for Apple to update the number of its current cameras on phones and tablets. of all models. That is the question. It is not acceptable that a mobile phone that is close to a thousand euros does not have a camera with many megapixels. But that seems to have a quick solution. At least that’s what it seems and is rumored to be.

So far, the only iPhone model that has a camera with that number of megapixels in the Pro range. The iPhone 14 Pro does have 48 but the others. So if you want a mobile with a “decent” camera you should go for the top of the range. That has its days numbered. But knowing Apple, it sure has a trick.

The point is that ITHomebased on a broader report on Sony in which it is mentioned that the Japanese company has to get its batteries because Apple wants that amount of megapixels to be taken to the entire range of iPhone 15 and not only the one with the last name Pro.

Now, it seems to me that this will happen because simply, the Pro model will have a higher number. But, it would not make senseYou might as well buy the top of the range, if it offers nothing more than better performance. The camera is something that users opt for when buying or not a terminal.