It seems that Apple wants video games to come seriously to the Mac

macos sonoma.jpg
macos sonoma.jpg

With the launch of macOS Sonoma, one of the most special features of this operating system is the ability to adapt to video games. We already know that Macs and computer games have never gotten along, but it seems that Apple wants to end this ugly tradition. With the new operating system and with Metal 3Things are going to change a lot.

Metal 3 and macOS Sonoma will bring video games to Mac

At the presentation on the 5th, when it was time to reveal the name of the new Mac operating system and it ended up being called Sonoma, one of the things that caught our attention was its ability to adapt to the video game.

With a greater capacity than its predecessors, one of the functions that it offers us is the game mode or, as they have called it, the game mode, which ensures that the operating system releases all possible resources when playing.

But, it is also that, macOS Sonoma, is specialized in reduce Bluetooth latency, for other devices connected to the Mac such as the mouse, headphones…etc. Thus the signal arrives before and there is no delay, so annoying in online games.

And not only macOS will be the one who does the good work in video games. then we have Metal 3, which is nothing more than the graphic capacity of the Apple company. Your engine for handling complicated visual environments.

Metal 3 is built for performance. For example, MetalFX Upscaling gives developers the ability to render complex scenes quickly by using fewer resource-hogging frames. It also includes a fast resource loading API, enabling shorter wait times by providing a clearer, more direct path from storage to a device’s GPU.

Metal 3 also brings a new Game Porting Toolkit, that can help reduce the amount of work it takes for developers to see the evolution of their games on Macs.

It is clear that Metal 3 will be very good for developers. Also for users who will benefit from its full potential and we will be able to enjoy games that until now were not possible.