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IT Security Day 2022 on security attacks and successful countermeasures

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You can register for the security event at an early bird discount until the end of October. The IT Security Day takes place on November 17th in Gelsenkirchen.


This year’s IT Security Day will take place on November 17th in Gelsenkirchen at the Institute for Internet Security (if(is)) of the Westphalian University. The focus of the conference this time is on current threats such as ransomware, supply chain attacks or DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) and their Successful countermeasures. The early bird discount is currently still valid, saving you 50 euros on the regular price of 249 euros, which applies from 28 October (all prices include VAT).

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At the IT Security Day, the challenges of current and advanced attacks will be discussed from different perspectives in order to work out which cyber security measures help under which conditions to protect company values ​​and thus keep the risks as low as possible.

There are the following lectures:

  • Advanced Attacks – overview and possible courses of action
  • Cyber ​​Attack Prevention and Response
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Zero Trust Policies: How to counteract attackers in the best possible way
  • Confidential Computing – secure environment in the cloud
  • The Coud is growing, is safety growing with it?
  • Attackers’ approach, damage to the attacked companies and how they can quickly become productive again
  • Cybersecurity mesh architectures: the answer to increasingly sophisticated attacks
  • Bug bounty for companies

In addition, the all-day workshop “Trustworthiness creates trust” will be offered on November 18th. Here you learn what needs to be done to gain the trust of users and how to credibly present your own trustworthiness. The workshop costs 449 euros. Meals are included in the price for him and the conference on November 17th.

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